Before and After


Here is your opportunity to get an amazing portrait done by Jon Savage, either of you, your friend, boyfriend, family or dog. You can pick your favorite colors or have Jon pick them for you. Place your order of one or more photos, you will review and approve before he sends it to you so you’ll be 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Want a customized size? Send a request.

1-2-3 Step by step


A) 15 x 15 Giclee Canvas, Matte Black Float Moulding $250

B) 12 x 12 Giclee Canvas $200

C) 18 x 18  Giclee Print, Matte Black Gallery Moulding $150

D) 14 x 14  Giclee Print, Matte Black Gallery Moulding $100


Various Commissions by Jon Savage 

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