“Mi casa es su casa” (2015)

Giclee Prints In Limited Editions / Matte Black Gallery Moulding. 

14″ X 14″ $100 (Edition Of 20) (11 left) 

This artwork is printed as limited edition and 20% of the funds will proceeds to the

“Mi casa es su casa” Art from Jon Savage on Vimeo.


Hello! Welcome to Jon Savage Gallery. I’m Jon, and this is my home. I wanted to explain my new artwork: home. The story behind it: John Maucere contacted me and told me he was interested to have me set up an art gallery at the white gala event to support the organization #WhoWillAnswer. When making this artwork, I thought about the importance of a “home”.

Many surviving people out there don’t really feel at home because of difficult situations. Imagine this: I want to call, but have to wait until between 9 am to 5 pm. I wouldn’t feel at home. This is why I was touched and supported this event to encourage making 24-hour calls possible.

The translation of the title of this artwork from Spanish to English is “my home is your home”. This means that if you’re in my home and you feel at home, great, but if you don’t, I will be concerned.

If you purchase this artwork, 20% will automatically be donated to this organization, so they can work toward their goal of converting to 24-hour calling. Thank you for watching this vlog. So long.

“Help our national #WhoWillAnswer coalition raise $250,000 so that Deaf and hard of hearing survivors can get access to fully trained Deaf advocates around the clock! This is very important, and I hope you agree with me. 20% of your purchases of “Mi casa es su casa” art will be donated to the, and sign our petition so that more people understand the need for funding for those at risk in our Deaf community!”

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