Stokoe brought ASL first


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 “Stokoe brought ASL first” (2015)

Giclee Prints In Limited Editions, Matte Black Gallery Moulding 

14″ X 14″ $100 (Edition Of 20) 

Jon Savage Gallery: “Stokoe brought ASL first” from Jon Savage on Vimeo.


Hello! Welcome to Jon Savage Gallery vlog. I’m Jon.  Here’s my metaphor artwork is based on my growing up childhood experience with ASL.  I didn’t learn ASL until later in my early teens and it was vague trying to understand with what language to use.  I finally figured it out that ASL is the right language for me.  That’s the reason why I create this artwork.

A famous folklore with the stork story how it can relate to Stokoe.  The story of white storks carry babies are the expert to bring the babies to the right families and have their livelihood to be thrived.  In 1950s, Stokoe worked at Gallaudet University (formerly Gallaudet College) as a English professor did a researched on sign language to identify as a true language. Stokoe can relate to the stork story by making ASL to be recognized that it is still a true language that we can use, not a some kind of gesture everyone thinks. He also published few books based on sign language and he made an impact in the Deaf community to raise the prestige of ASL in academic.

The theory of Stork and Stokoe are similar when it comes to children when their education of English and ASL do thrive. Both English and ASL have equal access as true languages.

This artwork is printed as limited edition and 20% of the funds will proceeds to LEAD-K.

Thank you for watching this vlog.



The ASL4DeafKids Campaign is a visual civil rights movement in direct response to the growing epidemic of language deprived Deaf children denied ASL which has an irreparable catastrophic impact on their education and developmental years. Most of the Deaf children denied ASL are not Kindergarten-ready by the time they are at the age of 5, because they do not have the foundation of a natural visual language. LEAD-K aims to create generations of Kindergarten-ready Deaf children with this language equality campaign. 20% of your purchases of “Stokoe brought ASL first” art will be donated to the ASL4DeafKids that are also allocating funds for the development of language equality programs, expansion of operations, and the development of marketing opportunities for language quality.