Jon Savage Contemporary Art

Deaf Livelihood

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“Deaf Livelihood” (2016)

Affirmation art (sold)

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 48×36 inch

This painting shows Deaf People that are represented by the importance of having Deaf people communicate through ASL. The success of Deaf livelihoods depends on love, knowledge, equality, and are able to thrive through ASL.


(Present Artwork) Hi! My name is Jon.  My artwork is called; “Deaf Livelihood/Lifelihood”.  These two similar concepts may be merged together with two different perspectives.  However, Livelihood could be based on living life as whole and Lifelihood could be based on individuals’ journey of their lives.  As you may notice (in the picture), there are different signs that correlated along with each person’s sign to make a concept whole within a person.  Starting out as a child to an adult growing developing [‘Livelihood/Lifelihood’ ]representing living examples of love, knowledge, equality, and thrive.  All these experiences may impact an individual shaping them to become wholesome and confident Deaf persons.  In the artwork there are individuals of diversity however, it goes beyond much more than that.  One is a teacher who educates Deaf children; another is an entertainer trained in Deaf talent; one is a Deaf mother with two KODAs who commits to encourage her children to experience the Deaf community; another is a person who loves adventures, after visiting Africa, became inspired to educate Deaf African children; and last person, an artist who inspires to maintain Deaf art culture and continues to cherishes it’s traditions.  Each person was chosen because of their different significant influences in the Deaf community that represents the artwork as whole.  Thank you for watching this vlog. Cheers!