Jon Savage Contemporary Art

Deaf Key

24×24 inches

Spray paint & acrylic on wood

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Limited edition of 10: 16×16 inch, Fine art giclée enhanced Matte paper. (Click Here)


This artwork is titled ‘Deaf Key’. It incorporates my experiences as well as others in the Deaf community who have had similar experiences t me. There is no physical Deaf Key
that has been given to me, it’s actually a metaphor. If you look closely at the artwork, you’ll see the letter D, for Deaf of course. You will also see the number 8. If you turn it sideways,
it is an infinity symbol, symbolic of forever giving and receiving. The Deaf community knows how to continuously give and receive because it comes natural! Just like the wood panel
around the outside is natural and grown, the Deaf community naturally gives and receives.

You’ll notice the black and white background on the left. this is symbolic of the rich Deaf history and also the history of ASL. The colorful panel on the right represents the current
and future state of ASL, and the hopefulness that it will continue on forever. The way the black, gray, and white stripes do not align with the colorful stripes is representative of
the way ASL has changed over time.

The Deaf Key represents the importance of language and will help the Deaf Community continue into the future.