Jon Savage Contemporary Art

Deaf Monarch

24×24 inches

Spray paint & acrylic on wood

(Private Collection)

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Limited edition of 10: 16×16 inch, Fine art giclée enhanced Matte paper. (Click Here)


This artwork is titled Deaf Monarch. It analyzes and dissects three distinct topics. The first being the four stages that the butterfly transitions through. This is similar to many of us in
the Deaf community in the way that a large percentage were born into a hearing family. A caterpillar is born from an egg and learns to navigate its way on the ground, makes its way up
the tree, builds a cocoon and turns into a butterfly. That process is just like the Deaf identity; it isn’t instant, it is a process and takes experience for the Deaf to grow and spread their wings.

The second topic relates to the transitioning colors in the background, starting dark and becoming lighter. This is similar to how we have been through dark times but as we go through
life it begins to get brighter. We have experience with this transition and like a sunrise, we know when times will get brighter or darker and how to navigate through it.
The third topic is the Monarch butterfly itself. I chose it because they are abundant all over California and their colors match the yellow and orange from my 8 mood colors.
Yellow signifying happiness and orange signifying excitement because of course the Deaf have a lot of happiness and excitement from their confidence in their identities!
It doesn’t matter what kind of Deaf, I will support ALL Deaf and help improve their confidence.

When I look at the butterflies I am inspired and reminded of how they help a flourishing ecosystem.