Jon Savage Contemporary Art

Fist for Life

24″ x 12″

Acrylic on canvas

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Fist for Life


The artwork is titled Fist for Life, one of my earlier artwork that I wish to share.  Here, shows two canvas put together as one to become a whole message as each has meaning that lead to the other.  The representative of colors have specific meanings which I will share in a moment.  Let’s look at the first painting on the left; with a white hand holding a red ruler hitting a turquoise colored fist in a grey background.  Each color are symbolic in meaning reflecting the message of the painting.  The grey background has a ‘focus’ as its neither black nor white rather ‘grey’ to reflect a vague environment surrounding the Deaf child.  Check out the turquoise colored fist on the lower right of the painting; this represents a child’s livelihood and curiosity of the world around them.  Along comes the dominating philosophies of hearing representatives to control Deaf children’s enthusiasm of manually expressing themselves; the ruler, red as ruthless controlling power; the hearing subjects subdues child natural wonders with expectations to be like ‘hearing’ selves.  However, the ‘red ruler’ empowers the child to recognize the subliminal message with ability to seek the world around them.  With this, leads to the transition of the second painting on the right.  Notice that the background has changed to turquoise; a recognition of self on a journey to self-realization that they are not alone.  Both painting significantly shows one being a representation of a journey of self-actualization to communicate, share similar stories and experiences. Finally, turquoise, a color of Deaf livelihood and curiosity; their world becomes (KISS-FIST) fully embraced.

July 2012

Liberation Art:

Right: The color of turquoise on the fist represents as a Deaf person who is searching for Deaf Community. The color of grey represents that there are too many different methods of communication for deaf people. The “specialist” tries to help a Deaf person but it just makes it worser. The ruler represents to control Deaf people to run their living.

Left: A Deaf person finds a Deaf community which represents the color of turquoise. A Deaf person (kiss-fist) her/himself by having a fulfilling life with knowledge and support through communication with equal access.

– 30.48 cm x 60.96 cm
– 12 inch x 24 inch
– Acrylic on canvas
– 2 canvas connected

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