Jon Savage Contemporary Art

Four Coats (Limited edition)

16″ x 16″

Fine art giclée enhanced matte paper

Limited edition of 10


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This artwork is titled ‘Four Coats’. There are two different moods that represent this artwork. The first is the colored moods, influencing the entrance and the exit, shown by

continuous stripes.


The seconds is the contrasting yin and yang represented by the opposites black and white. You will notice the square, and the coats inside the square represent group.

The group is identified by being the same but also differences. Back to this specific group, the black coat represents the collective, while the white coat represents the individual.

The part of the coat that is outside the box has the opposite color. The white sleeve on the black coat represents an individual leaving the collective. The black sleeve on the

white coat represents an individual socializing. The gray coat represents the in between, or any range between black and white. The coats are all the same but different.


Now I’m curious, which coat fits you?


Behind the scenes of ‘4 coats’

Original artwork, 24×24 inch, Spray paint on wood (Click here)

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