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This artwork is titled ‘Persistiveness’. This artwork is very important to me and I hope it will be very important to others out there as well. To persist through my life wasn’t easy growing up. As I’ve gone through my journey of life, I have found it very tempting to give up, but I’ve had to think extremely positive to be able to continue. To this day, Deaf children still must also keep positive thoughts to overcome challenges, which inspired this special project. I worked with the E5 after school program and had each child paint a small 5×5 square, making up 25 squares total.

There are 8 different colors in the artwork, excluding black, and each color is a positive mood influencer. The 8 colors came together in the heart on this artwork. If you rotate the number 8 it creates an infinity sign. This represents the continuation of spreading love and the 8 positive colors for eternity. I hope this artwork inspires others to spread love and positivity as well.

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